Lana Del Rey songs make me feel sad and nostalgic about things that haven’t happened to me

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"We’ve experienced many joys together,
Many are the goals we celebrated.
But we’ve also suffered  -
That’s what makes victory so sweet.
This feeling never loses - 
it always wins.
If we believe together - we will win together!”

❀ about me ❀


name: Aílla

age: 18

birthday: June 17

zodiac: Gemini

single or taken: single

height: 5’4

eye color:  black

middle name: Kássoa

favorite color: Black

lucky number: i don’t have one


hogwarts house: gryffindor

favorite anime(s): none

favorite season: Summer

describe yourself in a few words:  zzzzzzz

future children’s names: idk

meaning of your name: idk

ultimate otp(s):  elizabeth bennet and mr. darcy

What do you plan to/do for a living: idk


introvert or extrovert: introvert with strangers and extrovert with close friends

dawn or dusk: dawn

righty or lefty:  righty

coffee or tea: coffee

rain or shine: rain

reading or writing: reading

I feel like I’ve really earnt my stripes - I feel ready to play a lead. I would just love to prove I’m good enough to carry a project.”